All candles Approx.10 inches in LENGTH.
    Diameter sizes: Medium - Standard 1/2 inch,
           Large - 5/8 inch
          Small - 1/4 inch
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Standard Candles have an estimated burn time of 8-10 minutes and are available in Large, Medium and Small sizes.
Economy Candles have an estimated burn time of 5 minutes and are available in Medium size only.
Ear Candling is……….

Beneficial: The number of persons who use ear candles continues to grow !!
Controversial: It is not an exact procedure so effects and results vary from person to person. How it works, what exactly is occurring and what really is left inside the candle is not agreed upon by everyone.

Our Opinion: Safety is most important. So, unlike the majority we strongly advise horizontal positioning with a slight 25* angle upward during candling. The contents inside afterward is so debatable we prefer to leave that one up to each individual.

Choice: All well made ear candles will provide a good candling session. As you become more familiar with and experienced in candling you will most likely come to your own personal preference as to which type of ear candle is best suited for you and /or your clients.
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